Friday, April 13, 2012

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Las Ramblas - Barcelona

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Want to visit Tiberius - it'll cost ya!

At the foot of Tiberius' villa in Capri (still remarkably in tact) is this ledge and about 150m below is the ocean.

After climbing countless steps in 35 degree heat we reached the top.

The paranoid Emperor would invite anyone whom he suspected was planning his assasination up to 'visit and marvel at my marvellous villa' and would show them the view (pictured) and push them off the edge.

Politics at its best - maybe George B should try this with Osama!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kenners and Louise

Kenners made it to Dublin recently - pictured here with Louise - in an Italian wine bar in Dublin, the place is great it feels just like you are in some place in Italy - nice wine, warm atmosphere, brushcetta, proscuitto and cheeses, quite addictive actually. We had a wicked couple of days with Kenners and Kenners and I managed to go to an outdoor Kaiser Chiefs concert in Dublin Castle fantastic!

The Big Thong

Spotted in a surf shop in L.A - huge double plugger

Lake Como, Italia

I haven't written on this blog for a long while... about four months - what's been happening? Well a lot, I have had Mum over to stay and her, Louise and myself shot off to Italia to Mum's Dad's village - Villa di Tirano and we met up with Yerbs and Alex. Also went to LA for Easter and going to Capri and The Amalfi coast in two weeks with Louise. Work has just been too crazy to write anything but I will start to add a bit more in my spare time.

Summer has finally arrived in Dublin although at times it feels like winter - but at least there are days where you can go outside without a jacket, such a relief.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Xavier Rudd at the Village

I saw Xavier Rudd, for the third time, last night at The Village in Dublin and he did not disappoint, the crowd a cocktail of Aussies and Irish "ring-ins" were in awe of him, except for the female Irish college student next to us who wouldn't stop talking - Louise had to tell her to shut up, it was quite funny.

It was not as good as when I saw him at Jive in Adelaide or at WomAdelaide with my cousin Mark but nonetheless, I momentarily felt as if I was home and that felt great.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Doesn't matter where you are!

My brother Jarred's car was stolen Christmas eve, taken for a joyride, the inside smashed etc etc. So he ended up getting a new one.

Louise was driving to work on Sunday morning at 5am up the East Wall road in Dublin, a notoriously bad area (liken to to Salisbury in Adelaide) and was sitting at the traffic lights only to have some knacker, feral, bogan, tinker (get the drift - depends where you are from to what they are called) trying to get in her car and abduct her, her handbag or her car and/or all of it.

Which got me thinking, Kimba is safe. It always will be apart from the odd farm accident (my mum ran over my head when I was two with the Ford 5000 front end loader), there is fresh air, I now live in Dublin where the air isn't so fresh, there is space, we now live in an apartment, albeit in a trendy area in Dublin, in Kimba I had 7,000 acres, in Kimba we leave our house unlocked, our keys in our ignition to all our cars, utes and machinery and we can drive around at 5am and only worry about hitting Kangaroos, in Dublin I have just bought a bike so if I am coming home late at night I can speed away from any protential attacks.

It wasn't until I left Australia, left Adelaide and left Kimba to Europe, where I have run with Bulls, drifted through Venice, prayed in the Vatican, swam in Capri, stole some Berlin Wall, climbed the Eiffel tower, excavated in Pompeii, been annoyed by the swarm of stupid questions from European summer American tourists (very funny), witnessed the mayhem in Times Square New York, that I realised just how good home is, the beach at Pt Neill, the isolation, the space, the freedom

Maybe you have to step out of your safety zone to realise that.

P.S. I am not homesick just yet!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Edda Antwoneta Morelli and Me Posted by Picasa
Getting back to the story of me in Villa di Tirano. Here is the distant relative Louise and I stumbled across. She was living in the street my Grandpa was born, on, Via Morelli. In broken English and very bad attempts at Italiano, Louise and I ended up getting the story across. Her father went to Australia in the early 1900's to Townsville, just like Mum's Dad did, so we concluded that they were cousins. She kept touching my face saying Morelli, Morelli. Took us up to her house, feeding Expresso's into us with shots of Sambucca, begging us to stay the night and meet the rest of the family, however we had to go to Verona that day.

Typically Italian, just picture the ones in Adelaide with their vegie gardens etc, and multiply it by ten. By the time we left we had a full bag of fresh Pomodori (tomatoes) and figs etc.

Was great.

Dooger is lucky

One of my good mates, lets call him Andrew Baldock for the sake of it, attending the Melbourne Cup last year got himself into a bit of trouble. After going out on the 'drink' all day and night he decided to retire to his hotel room before the rest of the boys did.

He was later surprised when he was awoken, naked, by a couple of Melbourne Cops asking him why he was in this room. He told them it was his room. What he didn't know was that, he went to the wrong door, his key wouldn't open so he smashed the door down and went to sleep. The 'proper' occupiers of the room came home and called the police. Still in a drunken state the cops told him he would have to pay for a new door, to which he replied don't worry, I'll fix it, I'm a carpenter!!!

He ended up having to pay for the door and accomodation of the occupiers of the room. He got away scot free as it seems when juxtaposed to a story I read in the paper today.

Hector Soto (21) had recently moved into a new apartment complex when he went out drinking to celebrate his upcoming graduation from trade school (wonder if he was a carpenter too). Soto got into the wrong apartment through an open window and headed to the bathroom - where he was SHOT by the resident, a 65 year old state prision officer. The local Sheffif in San Bernardino, California, described the incident as "a real mess"...

I'm just glad my mate Dooger was at the Melbourne Cup that day and not the Kentucky Derby...